2021 Infiniti QX60

Infiniti will offer a lot of enjoyment in the crossover-SUV sector in the upcoming years. We need to pay unique attention to the 2021 Infiniti QX60. After the car manufacturer presented the QS electrical sedan, this concept will be applied to the company’s crossover lineup. The all-new QX60 will be something various.

2021 Infiniti QX60 Image

This model will wear Infiniti’s new design language, and it will ride on the new platform. Whatsoever, the 2021 QX60 will get an all-electric powertrain that is made in partnership with Nissan. Besides the electric model, the routine model will get new turbocharged engines. As for the interior, comfort will be amazing. Nevertheless, the best feature of the 2021 model is the new infotainment system.

2021 Infiniti QX60 Exterior

This year, Infiniti introduced a new QS Inspiration electric sedan. This sedan was the very first example of the Infiniti’s plans. We saw the company’s latest design language. The second thing is the new platform that can accommodate electrical powertrain. The design looks premium, and some hints resemble Nissan’s style language.

Nissan played a substantial part in Infiniti’s new design direction. After all, Infiniti is Nissan’s premium section. The design looks luxurious and futuristic. We are still awaiting the particular details about the design of the 2021 Infiniti QX60. Nevertheless, we can anticipate plenty of chrome trims, great aerodynamics, and silver accents. Not to point out premium wheels and the newest high-tech features.


Unlike the current model, the new 2021 Infiniti QX60 will look sleeker. That consists of the cabin style too. The interior will be extremely exceptional and sharper than in the past. This mid-size crossover will introduce a lot of innovations. That consists of new interior features, better security, and new upholstery. Thanks to the new platform, there will be more space from the within than ever in the past.

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However, the most significant change will be the all-new infotainment system. Infiniti will present this system on all of its models soon. The new multimedia system will act fast, and it will be simplified. Infiniti assures great user experience and far more. Larger display screens will use a full-touch control. On top of that, Infiniti will offer a dual-screen setup.

2021 Infiniti QX60 High Resolution Images

Electric Powertrain

After a lot of reports, now it’s main. The 2021 Infiniti QX60 will get its first electrical powertrain. And while this info is particular, we still don’t understand precise specifications. On the other hand, a two-motor configuration will happen for sure.

Around, this setup will provide a minimum of 300 miles of the electrical driving range. Whatsoever, the electrical powertrain will get a floor-mounted 85 kWh lithium-ion battery. The general output will be rated at around 300 horsepower. Also, Infiniti will provide an all-wheel-drive system as a requirement.

2021 Infiniti QX60 Engine

The electric powertrain will not be the only option. The second-gen 2021 Infiniti QX60 will still offer regular types of engines. For a start, this mid-size crossover will get at least one turbocharged engine. A 3.0-liter twin-turbo will replace the existing 3.5-liter V6 unit. The new output will provide 300 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. On top of that, Infiniti will use a high-performance variation too.

This version will ride on the new twin-turbo setup that will produce over 400 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of twist. Additionally, we can anticipate a new CVT transmission to get here too.

2021 Infiniti QX60 Price and Release Date

New all-wheel-drive amazing platform and new infotainment system will additionally raise the rate. On top of that, the 2021 Infiniti QX60 will get new turbo engines.

2021 Infiniti QX60 Interior Pictures

For that reason, the mid-size crossover will now cost around $50,000. Upper trim levels will cost around $60,000 and new high-performance version approximately $70,000. The 2021 QX60 will strike the markets in the fall of 2020.

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