2021 Volkswagen ID 4 (Crozz)

A prototype for Volkswagen’s electric crossover SUV based upon 2017’s ID Crozz concept car has been found.

2021 Volkswagen ID 4 (Crozz) Interior Picture

The car manufacturer is working at full speed on its new ID family of electric cars. The very first to arrive in the Golf-sized ID 3 hatchback, which debuted at the 2019 Frankfurt International Motor Show though sadly isn’t expected on sale in the United States. You can see it being checked along with the SUV in some of the shots, offering a clear contrast between the two designs.

The ID cars will all be based upon Volkswagen Group’s modular EV platform designed for mainstream cars, dubbed the MEB, and a few of them will be assembled at the automaker’s plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

2021 Volkswagen ID 4 (Crozz) Debut

This SUV is verified to pass the name ID 4 (formerly believed to be ID 4X) and set for an arrival in the United States in 2020, meaning we’ll likely see it get here as a 2021 model. In a few of the shots, we can see the ID 4 testing together with a Hyundai Nexo fuel cell-electric crossover. Its primary competitors, however, will be the fellow battery-electric small SUVs like the Tesla Model Y and the upcoming SUV variation of the Chevrolet Bolt EV.

2021 Volkswagen ID 4 (Crozz) Spy Shots

The model is greatly camouflaged. However, we can see that the designers have taken full benefit of the MEB platform, which features a flat battery in the floor and electric drive systems at the axles. Without the requirement for an engine in the front, the designers have made the front overhang extremely brief and the hood low.

2021 Volkswagen ID 4 (Crozz) HD

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The base of the windscreen has likewise been brought forward and tapers back at a sharp angle, resulting in a smooth, streamlined shape. And unlike the coupe-like Crozz concept, the SUV in production guise features a flat roofing system and more conventional tailgate. There’s even a roof-mounted spoiler.

2021 Volkswagen ID 4 (Crozz) Powertrain

It isn’t clear what the specs will be, but comparable numbers to ID 3 are likely. The electrical hatch includes battery sizes in 45, 58 and 77 kilowatt-hours, and a single electric motor at the rear delivering 205 horsepower and 229 pound-feet of torque. The matching varieties on the WLTP cycle are 205, 260, and 341 miles, respectively. EPA-rated figures would be found in lower, though. The ID Crozz concept indicated a setup providing 302 hp, an all-wheel drive and a series of 300 miles. This most likely shows a range-topping variation, though.

2021 Volkswagen ID 4 (Crozz) Platform

We likewise know VW Group’s MEB platform can deal with fast-charging. The ID Crozz concept, for example, can recuperate 80 percent of its charge in thirty minutes via a 150-kilowatt DC charger.

2021 Volkswagen ID 4 (Crozz) Side Wallpapers

2021 Volkswagen ID 4 (Crozz) Exterior

Beyond ID 3 and ID 4 in VW’s ID family of electric cars, we know there will be a van that will spawn both lifestyle and modern versions. It’s due in 2022 and billed as a contemporary successor to the iconic VW Microbus. Likewise, in the works is a big sedan based on 2018’s ID Vizzion concept and a mid-size SUV based on 2019’s ID Roomzz concept.

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